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Jamie Crickmay - WestEnd Piano Tuning Technician

Jamie Crickmay was raised in Vancouver, Canada, in a family of eight. Records were often playing in the house as Jamie's mother and father loved musicals, opera, classical and popular music. Later, as the kids grew older, new music came from bedrooms; 50's and 60's rock n roll, psychedelic, folk and ballads were heard.

As music was a regular part of the early years - young Jamie took piano lessons, then sang and played the recorder in school, taking up guitar in his teenage years and later flute and saxophone.

Jamie moved to Melbourne in 1981, playing in bands and busking in the streets.  He worked for 10 years in improvisational theatre and performance art (including performances at Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide Festivals, Shizuoka, Japan and Brisbane Expo '88) later studying Community Development at Swinburne and moving into arts administration, festival and event management. Somehow, along with working and raising a family, Jamie found time to study traditional woodwork and cabinetmaking which led to the building of  celtic harps and then a beach house.

After further study, Jamie returned to work in music as a qualified piano technician and tuner. Jamie is a graduate of the Australasian School of Piano Technology in Melbourne where he trained in aural tuning, voicing, regulation and piano repair under ASPT principal, Brent Ottley, former Senior Concert Tuner and Technician for Yamaha Australia.

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