When tuned, your piano will be a joy to play. Even your children will want to get on it!


Take the guesswork out of buying a piano! Call WestEnd to visit and give you a written report on the piano's condition.

Internal picture of a grand piano

Pitch Raising

Pitch drops as the piano passes through the seasons without being tuned. When the strings are up to pitch and tight, the tone is noticeably brighter and more pleasant.

Regulation and Repair

Often simple adustments and repairs will be made at no cost during a tuning service.


from $260

  • Price will depend on the condition of your piano

Pitch Raising

extra $25-$55

  • Pitch Raise a flat piano; ideally to Concert Pitch



  • 1 Hour of detailed Evaluation with Written Report


$90 / Hour

  • General Repair labour only, does not include parts.

~If Only Pianos Were Self-Tuning~

Jamie Crickmay fixing a Schumann Piano

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