Piano Tuning Story – Bernardo

An Old Piano

I stopped at Bernardo’s house in St Albans on my way home yesterday. I had just finished tuning for a customer in the neighbouring suburb of Albion. Bernardo, a week earlier, had told me over speakerphone, in heavily accented English, and at a distance of 2 metres from his dining table where the phone lay,…

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Piano Tuning Story – Marla

So, I get a call from Marla from Tottenham, W Footscray; she and her boyfriend got an old piano for $175 from the opp shop and some friends helped them get it home. Marla says it looks really good but it sounds pretty bad and no one knows when it was last tuned. She’d like…

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Piano Tuning Story – Marshall

Piano tuning strings

“Can you hear it?” he says, playing notes in the middle octave. “This D# has a different tone, it’s louder… it sticks out to me.” I am really listening, intently focusing to hear the minute differences while scales are repeated up and down around the D#. I soon understand that Marshall is not your average…

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